lørdag 9. august 2014

Saturday = Link your Stuff

Always Link Your Stuff on Saturdays.

Homlene nyter oregano planten min.

The bumble bees are enjoying my Oregano.

Dronning Sonja tar livet med knusende ro, sånn innimellom.
Her ligger hun på lading.

Queen Sonja, realxes every now and then,
here she is recharging.

Filet hekling er veldig vakkert. 
Her er en duk jeg fant på Pinterest.

A lovely doily found at Pinterest.

Og her er diagrammet. Den blir stor, 100 x 95 cm.
God helg dokker.

And here is the chart. It will be big, 100 x x95 cm.
Wish you all a perfect week end.

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  1. A sleeping cat and lots of crochet. That's a good life! Thank you for your comment at my place. Norway must be an extremely beautiful country in all seasons! I once experienced the midnight sun in Sweden when my first child was only two years old!

    1. Indeed, love all seasons here. Have a nice day Sandra.


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